What Is The Revised Screen?

What is the revised screen?

Revised screen, which relates to smartphones, refers to the installation of an original screen on another device. The flawless and scratch-free screens removed from smartphones that have become unusable due to any malfunction are called revised screens.Revised screen is the repair of original damaged screens and making them suitable for assembly and sale. Revised screens are the cases where the outer glass that you touch with your finger while using the phone is replaced and the inner screen from which you take the image remains original. In some Revised screens, the phone has screen touch issue. The touch problem of the original screen with this type of problem is solved by replacing the part. Revised screen prices are between A quality screen and original screen.

How To Understand The Revised Screen?

The most important difference that distinguishes the revised screen from the sub-industry screens is the color of the screen. While the original phone screens have a matte black appearance, the aftermarket screens have a gray color. Revised screens are obtained from original phones that are beyond repair. In addition, there are situations such as worse reflection of colors on the screen on sub-industry screens, darkening of the pixels on sites with white backgrounds. In this type of screen, the image is pink or yellowish. Due to the way it spreads the light, it has the feature of tiring the eyes.

Are Revised Screens Reliable?

Revised screen is one of the most preferred products in terms of price and performance. The screen is used as before with revised screen selections. As a result of any impact or breakage of the device, the revised screen is installed. Installing the revised screen makes the phone usable again. However, we cannot say that the revised screens are reliable.

Mobile Display Brand Solutions

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