What is a display module for mobile phones?

What is a display module for mobile phones

LCD parts in smartphones are called display modules. You may consider them one of the most important components of smartphones. For this reason, they are also expensive parts. The display modules, from the top layer to the bottom layer, are the protective glass, the sensor, and the display itself. The protective glass and the sensor are glued to each other with a strong special glue.

A display module is the only component users can interact with to control smartphones and tablets. Because users can only give the necessary commands to control these devices through the touch screen. Besides, a display module is the only part that allows users to view the data through the device.

Display modules in today’s mobile devices are usually larger than 5 inches. Despite their size, they are more vulnerable to daily use and more susceptible to mechanical damage than before. Fortunately, today’s tech is also able to produce some protective equipment to protect these extra expensive parts.

Cell phone repair parts

The repair of each display module is different. Because in most cases, it is not possible to separate the touch screen from the display to replace them. Mostly, it is necessary to replace the display modules of middle and upper segment smartphones and tablets as a whole, regardless of which component is damaged. Because the modules of these devices are not collapsible. Therefore they usually need a full replacement.

On the other hand, the case is the opposite for mobile devices in the lower segment. It is possible to separate the components in the display module of the devices in this segment. Thus, there is no need to replace the undamaged components in the display module. That alleviates the screen module replacement cost of smartphones and tablets in the inexpensive segment.

What are the types of display modules for mobile phones

We have just answered the question of what is a display module for mobile phones. So, have you ever wondered about the types of display modules for mobile phones? Display modules are usually categorized into three types. These are:


LCD stands for liquid crystal display. This type of screen has backlights. These backlights are located in the background of the pixels. They serve to reflect the content by providing light to the pixels. Therefore, we can say that visuals cannot be created on LCD screens without a backlight. Most of the LCD panels use CCFL backlighting. CCFL stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Retina Display

Retina displays began to be heard by many of us thanks to Apple. Because this display type is a trademark of Apple company. When we examine retina screens technically, we can see that they are actually IPS LCD screens. Thanks to the improvements made by Apple on these screens, retina screens with more PPI have entered our lives. Therefore, we can say that a retina display is just a modification of an IPS LCD display


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED displays differ from LCDs in terms of backlights. Here, instead of the CCFL backlights on LCD screens, there are LED backlights. Here, there are LED bulbs instead of the CCFL on LCD screens. In other words, we can say that LED bulbs provide backlighting instead of CCFL. Although it is costly to place LED bulbs on a display module, their advantages are many. Here are some of them:

  • LED displays have better contrast levels.
  • They also have the best color reproduction.
  • LED displays do not have any limitations for aspect ratios.
  • LED screens provide the best sunlight visibility.
  • Finally, they consume quite less battery.

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