How to Replace Damaged Phone Screen

More robust technologies are used every day to design and manufacture smartphone screens. But they are not a product that cannot be spoiled or damaged. It is very easy for the phone screen to lose its shape. Dropping, hitting something hard, etc. It may cause the phone screen to become deformed. As a result, the phone becomes unusable. So how can we fix this broken screen?

The Costs of Replacing Your Phone’s Screen

The screen can be refreshed in two ways. The first option is to have a phone repair shop do it for you, and the second is to have 100% Original Spare Parts. It would be wise to choose the second option, because the money they will charge for the help of a repairman at the original services or to replace the phone screen is almost equivalent to the cost of a new phone. As a result, you should take a look at the original screens that you can order online. Mobile display brand is the best quality online website where you can safely supply original phone screens. The biggest advantage of the mobile display brand is that you can buy the original service packs wholesale and cheaply.

Where to Find Backup Phone Screen?

Safe online sales sites are available to search for a new screen. The company that will provide you with the best service in your bulk purchases in the field of Samsung and Huawei is the Bucha distribution company. Bucha distribution company has a large network that is both reliable in LCD service pack sales and has sales to 52 different countries. There are two important points to consider when purchasing a phone screen. The first is the model of the phone, and the second is the distributor of the product. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems with online shopping is that the product is not authentic. If you buy through Bucha distribution company, you buy 100% original parts.

The Basics of Replacing a Phone Screen

Some phone models cannot be repaired without sending them to the manufacturer’s service center, but others can. First and foremost, you can check this out on the internet. Then we recommend that you seek assistance from a major video platform, such as YouTube. If you enter your phone’s brand and model here and then search for “how to change the screen,” it will show you the necessary video. Here you will find a few simple instructions that will guide you through the exchange process. For example; 

1-Open up the phone.

2-Remove the screen

3-Change the adhesive

4-Put  the new display

5-Check the cable connection.

Step 1: Open up the Phone

You’ll need small phone screwdrivers for this step. Starting with the back cover, make certain that the phone is completely unlocked. You must be extremely careful not to damage any part of the phone while performing this task. Cables are small and fragile. It will be extremely difficult to repair them if they sustain any damage. You should proceed to the next step after carefully disassembling the phone.

Step 2: Remove the Screen

A strong adhesive is used to secure the screen to the main frame. As a result, do not attempt to pull or shred. Wait as much as possible in a warm area, such as above a heater. This will soften the adhesive and make removing the screen easier. You can remove the screen after softening it by pushing it away from the camera part. Some phones are designed in a more disjointed manner. In that case, keep using your YouTube video for assistance.

Step 3: Change the Adhesive

Remove the old adhesive residues from the main frame and apply the new adhesive, which can be purchased online, to the area where the screen will be installed.

Step 4: Put the New Screen

Remove the protectors and place the new screen on the adhesive after ensuring that the adhesive is dry. Then, using gentle pressure, snap it into place. Applying too much pressure can break the new glass, so be careful.

Step 5: Check the Cable Connections

You will put together the phone at this point. The screen is in place, and you should be able to get the phone to work by connecting the wires. Place all of the wires and extra parts on the main frame with care. Before tightening the final screws, test the phone.

New Phone Screen Working?

The smartphone screen has two main functions. The first is touch interactions, and the second is the phone’s operating system screen. If these work, congratulations; You have renewed by following each step correctly. For example, you can choose Original Samsung Service Pack LCD for your Samsung phones to avoid the opposite situation. Mobile display is your best option for original samsung service pack lcd.