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iPhone Models

iPhone 14 Plus – 256 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 14 Plus
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 256 GB
  • Display: 6.68 inch.
  • Battery: 4.323 mAh

iPhone 14 – 512 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 14
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 512 GB
  • Display: 6.06 inch.
  • Battery: 3279 mAh

iPhone 13 Mini – 128 GB

  • Marka : elma
  • Model Adı: iPhone 13 Mini
  • Bellek Depolama Kapasitesi : 128 GB
  • Ekran: 5,42 inç.
  • Pil: 2406 mAh

iPhone 13 Pro Max – 128 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Display: 6.68 inch.
  • Battery: 4352 mAh

iPhone 13 Pro – 128 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 13 Pro
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Display: 6.06 inch.
  • Battery: 3.095 mAh

iPhone 13 – 128 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 13
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Display: 6.06 inch.
  • Battery: 3240 mAh

iPhone SE 2022 – 64 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone SE 2022
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Display: 4.7 inch.
  • Battery: 2018 mAh

iPhone 12 Pro Max – 128 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 12 Pro max
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Display: 6.68 inch.
  • Battery: 3687 mAh

iPhone 12 Pro – 128 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 12 Pro
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 128 GB
  • Display: 6.06 inch.
  • Battery: 2775 mAh

iPhone 12 – 64 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 12
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 64 GB
  • Display: 6.06 inch.
  • Battery: 2815 mAh

iPhone 12 Mini – 64 GB

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone 12 Mini
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 64 GB
  • Display: 5.4 inch. (diagonal) Full screen OLED
  • Battery: 2227 mAh

iPhone SE 2020 – 64 gb

  • Brand : Apple
  • Model Name : IPhone SE 2020
  • Memory Storage Capacity : 64 GB
  • Display: 4.7 inch
  • Battery: 2350 mAh
Mobile Display

Samsung Service Pack LCD

Smartphones are an integral part of today's daily life. However, although they are quite advanced, they are also quite sensitive. In fact, we can say that smartphones with more advanced features are more sensitive than their old ones. Among the smartphone parts, the displays are the most sensitive ones. It is not just because they are made of breakable material such as glass. They are also the only component with which users interact with the device. When this is the case, even if they do not break, it is inevitable that they will eventually fail due to long-term use. The only thing that can be done at this point is to either buy a new smartphone or replace the broken screen with an original spare part. Most users in this position prefer the second option due to economic reasons. So, before you buy an LCD screen, which is an expensive and sensitive spare part, don't you think it would be good to know more about it?

Samsung Service Pack Lcd Spare Parts

When it comes to 100% original spare parts, LCDs are one of the most valuable. This is why in most cases it is quite costly to repair a phone with a damaged screen. When the screen glass is damaged, the screen inside will usually be damaged and the phone will be unusable or difficult to use. For this reason, the most common action on a damaged smartphone is screen replacement. The most ideal of screen replacements is to replace them with service pack products.

What are Samsung services packs?

Samsung service pack refers to a small box shipped directly by Samsung. This box contains some original small parts of Samsung devices, such as an LCD and ear speaker. Unique labels on the box prove that it has sent directly by Samsung and that these parts are genuine Samsung parts. The parts in the box are also wrapped in special foils with these unique labels and codes on them. So, what are the Samsung service pack models? Let’s find out.

What are the Samsung service pack models?

Samsung service pack models vary depending on which part of the device will be replaced. We may list the most common Samsung service pack models as follows: 

  • LCD Service Pack
  • Battery Service Pack
  • Charging Socket Service Pack
  • Microphone, Handset, Speaker, and Audio Service Pack
  • Camera and Camera Glass Service Pack
  • Power and Volume Keys Service Pack
  • Battery cover pack
  • Mainboard pack 

Samsung service pack supplier

If your Samsung device's display is broken, you first need to buy an LCD service pack. It is possible to buy original display LCDs from Samsung service pack distributors. After this step, you can assemble the display unit you bought from the service pack LCD distributor to your device yourself. But keep in mind that these are delicate and valuable spare parts. Otherwise, it would be better to take the Samsung service pack LCD screen you purchased with your device to a phone repair shop.

How to find Samsung service pack distributor?

There are many sensitive parts that can break in a smartphone. In any case, it will be better for you to replace these broken parts with original spare parts. For this, you need to purchase the original Samsung service pack from trusted distributors. So how can I find them?

You can find many different Samsung LCD service pack distributors on the Internet. However, it is very difficult to find reliable and quality ones. At this point, the Mobile Display brand offers you a reliable and quality shopping opportunity. It would be wrong to shop from dealers who cannot guarantee quality products, especially in such wholesale purchases. If you want to reach a reliable Samsung service package LCD distributor, all you have to do is contact Mobile Display customer service. You can also contact us via the whatsapp button.

Samsung original lcd wholesale

Although not suitable for personal purchases, wholesale is an important issue especially for phone repairers. Also, many local retailers buy genuine Samsung service pack LCDs in bulk. There are many benefits to buying Samsung LCD screens wholesale. First of all, this is how you can reduce the cost per part of these expensive spare parts. If you want to buy a Samsung service pack LCD, your only option should be the Bucha distribution company. Bucha distribution company, which exports to approximately 52 different countries, sells original service packs under the name of Mobile Display. The main advantages of working with Bucha distribution company are as follows;

- 24/7 customer service support

- Time saving in cargo and order processes

- Original and quality products

- Secure payment with Credit Card or Paypal

- Order Today, receive tomorrow. Worldwide.

- 7 Days Refund Policy

What are the wholesale prices of Samsung service pack?

The biggest advantage of purchasing valuable spare parts such as LCD screens in bulk is the reduced cost per part. Samsung service packs prices differ in both online markets and physical stores. This difference is related to the models and types of products. If you want to get information about the prices of Bucha distribution company products, you can contact us immediately on our whatsapp line.

How to understand the original Samsung service pack?

Today, you can obtain mobile spare parts from many different suppliers. However, how to tell if they are genuine or fake? First of all, let's start by saying that the original spare parts are Samsung barcoded and sealed. In other words, when controlling the spare parts you buy, you should pay attention to Samsung barcode and seal. Another criterion in this regard is the color criterion. The color of the screen is paler in fake service pack lcd products. To understand this, open your phone's color test screen and take a look at the colors individually. In addition, you should not forget to control the touch and function keys on the same test screen. The colors of the original services pack LCDs are much more vivid. It also shows perfect reaction in the key function and touch tests you make on the test screen.

Bucha distribution company is the most accurate and reliable company for you to supply original samsung service pack LCD. As Bucha distribution company, we do not sell fake or revised products. All of our products are guaranteed to be original and there is a return guarantee within 7 working days in case of any problem.